Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2017 /Tommyland

This year Tommy Hilfiger decided to get out of the lines and to not participate at the New York Fashion Week 2017. Instead he made his own Fashion Show in L.A calling it Tommyland. So let’s get in the world of Tommyland what it was an amusement park and trying to make specific scenes from Venice. Let’s don’t forget about the drummers and Mexican Blankets. After he collaborated with Gigi Hadid for the brand, it came this latest new project what comes around 6 months after.

The idea of this new line of the brand supposed to be in theme with the beach and Amusement Park a family cozy thing. The collection was about the throwback ’90s sportswear, Western grit, and all-American denim with a dash of hippie handwork thrown in for good measure . A vintage pair of patchworked Hilfiger jeans, emoji patches inspired from the new social medias and texts sent in this days. As Hadid says at welcoming of the show “because a lot of the time fashion has been very exclusive.” Of course we don’t have to forget that at this special event participate Lady Gaga, Fergie , important Models, many international famous Influencers and other many important people. No I will show you the best from this collection.

Let me know what do you think about.

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