Best Beauty Products 2018

In 2018 entered many new Beauty Products realises. Doing a big research & after trying many of them , I made a final list with the best beauty product that are effective and you can buy them at a good price. Each of them is for a specific use , actually they can be part all together from the 7 Korean beauty routine steps.

The perfect 7 Korean Beauty Steps :

  1. Wash your face with one gentle Soap & At Night Double Wash (one with soap & 1 with oil or another soap) .  A great Soap that I found perfect for any kind of Skin is from The Body Shop “SEAWEED”

    Exfoliate with a gentle product your skin to remove all the dead cells and to help to treat the Prone Acne Skin. For This you can Use the By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin prep.Along with beta-glucan, panthenol, centella extract and sodium hyaluronate, this toner restores hydration while gently exfoliating skin at the same time without irritation. Suitable even for sensitive skin.

          • 3.Toner ACQUA ALLE ROSE ROBERTS

    4.Face Mask. Here you can choose what do you want but I will suggest you.Two for the face & one for your Lips. Klairs Midnight Blue will calm your skin & help you reduce the redness and impurities .

    Instead here I have for you the Face Mask & Lip Mask from Patchology , what will hydrate & help you treat your issues skin. The Lip Mask Gel is my favorite because will leave you a very soft touch & sweet unique taste on the skin.these patches help concentrate the ingredients and prevent them from evaporating, delivering serious hydration for as long as you can leave them on.

    5. Essence Or Serum.

    I choose to use a Serum, the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair for the powerful night time renewal and because it’s adds radiance and smoothness to the skin.

    6. SPF (if is in day time )+ Cream (only cream if is it in nighttime)

    For the SPF I choose the Avene Or Skin Ceutical for the high protection and because will absorb into the skin. |Instead for the hydration I will use Clinique Dramatically because of his high moisture and not heavy texture or if not the Loreal Aloe or Vichy. In the end I will apply swell the under eye cream from Origins , what will help you decrease the puffiness and for the morning is like a shot .

    7. The Last Step includes 2 things. The Treatment for the night and over it to spray the “Avene Eau Thermale” that will help you to calm the skin & reduce the irritations . I Found an effective Night Treatment that helps to reduce the inflammation / irritation/redness + will reduce wrinkles & dark spots from the skin it’s called” The Ordinary Granactive Retinold 2% in Squalane”.




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