Best Restaurants in Marrakech

Marrakech is full of corners where you can have always healthy food and delicious .

You can choose to eat in Old Medina ora New Medina. There are a lot of Restaurants. I choose for you the top 5 Restaurants even if they are many other great restaurants.

  1. Comptoir Noir

Is one of the most elegant & selected restaurants in Marrakech . You will be able to eat there only by taking a reservation trough a call or email. There is a dress code to respect , if you will not be elegant they will not let you in, because they have selective clients. You will love the atmosphere , strumental live music, plus 2 or 3 shows.

2. Le Salama Marrakech

They have very elegant and unique design on both floors. The service is perfect , you will have to try the narghile . You can go at lunch or dinner . Dinner time will be more fun because it will be also some music and there traditional show. The food is delicious , in this wonderful restaurant had been also Madonna for her birthday in 2018.

3. El Fenn

This is an riad but you can go swell just for lunch or dinner. They have an warm atmosphere and amazing healthy tasty food . Different areas where you can chill and relax.



4. Narwama

If you are searching for a intimate and magical place where you want to have a tasty delicious dinner with a reasonable price & with a lovely show with 3 different style this is a great place where you can go. The service is perfect , they are very kind and polite , the design of the location is elegant.


5. Atay Caffe

Instead if you wanna have a simple but great lunch in the middle of Old Medina Here is one of the best place where you can go. The Terrace is very beautiful divided in 2 floors and 2 different styles. Great healthy food and beautiful old style view.



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