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How to grow longer and healthier you hair

The cold season is here, and a great way to relax is to drink something delicious, reading something and standing in front of a fireplace with your loved one. Don’t you think we’re forgetting something important? Yes, you’re right. We don’t have to forget to take care of our body especially in the cold season. What about our hair ?…

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Breakfast Healthy Ideas

Today will gonna speak about Breakfast. I’will tell you and show you to make 7 different ways of breakfast, for does who has time and for who is in hurry. You’ll find all the 7 recipes inside the video If you didn’t yet, please Subscribe to My youtube channel. Kisses

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how to lose weight

How To Lose Weight Fast

Eveberyone of us has days without energy or having that extra  1,2  kg after the holidays, well I found the solution.When I’m without energy, my body needs vitamins, minerals & calcium. I found this Dietox Water, what I have been using from one month  already and it works pretty well. Contains Alcalin , extracts of plants as green tea alive charcoal…

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unboxing november 2017

Unboxing November 2017

Today the video is an unboxing, my first one with all the things that I’ve received in the month of November. If you want a review of anything, please let me know on  the comments below. Check my full Youtube Channel & hit that bell to be notify when I post a New Video . 🙂

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beef jerky

Should You Eat Beef Jerky?

I discover recently about Beef Jerky & I got very curious about it so that I decided to give it a try. When it arrived I was so excited also because this dry beef have No added MSG, No artificial Colorings & is High in proteins. Perfect for a quick snack on the go. Jack link is the nr°1 for…

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The Perfect Cold Season Teas

One of the things that I love the most in the cold season, is to drink spices teas that can give you that warm vibe. Seeing that I’m a lover of teas, I’m sharing with you few of my favorites . This 2 teas are from My American Market. Don’t forget to check my full Youtube Channel. Celestial seasoning…

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Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil | Interview

I’ve been invited  to participate at the launching Of the Gisou  Honey Infused Hair Oil. The event was Wednesday 22 February at the amazing location Tearose in via Croce Rossa 2 in Milan. @Negin Mirsalehi & Fans @Negin Mirsalehi & @Silvia Grilli  Negin Mirsalehi attended the event taking pictures with important people from Fashion, Influencers , Press & her Fans.…

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Favorites 2016

2017 is the year to achieve your goals?  Yes! And you know why? Because at the end of an year you are learning from your mistakes and you will want to not repeat them anymore. You will want to become the best of your own self, a great person what is starting to think positive. Either if you have a…

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