Exploring Gallipoli-Puglia

We woke the second day of the begin of January 2017 th  and seemed to be a great start of the year so we decided to go for 2 days in Puglia-Gallipoli. We left from Naples where we celebrated Happy New Year and started our driving adventure to Gallipoli, four hours of driving but at the same time talking about projects and having a great humor. The place doesn’t matter as long as the company is good.

Gallipoli is a small city of Puglia but beautiful and you can feel the  breeze sea on your skin. Puglia is divided in two areas the old historical city and the new city (borgo). As we reached we could feel the fresh smell of the sea and fishes. You can have one of the best fresh sea food /fish melting in your mouth. In the winter they’re not many people so you can relax .

Atleast we enjoyed, having a walk breathing some fresh air of the sea even if it was cloudy and watching the Crystaline  water of the sea, what in the summer is even more sparkling and bright. Let’s dont forget about the tasty oil of Puglia what you can have with them handmade bread.

I clicked this pictures hope you will like it, let me know what do you think about in a comment.

@The Hotel we stayed in

@My Art

Some fresh oysters

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