Favorites 2016

2017 is the year to achieve your goals?

 Yes! And you know why? Because at the end of an year you are learning from your mistakes and you will want to not repeat them anymore. You will want to become the best of your own self, a great person what is starting to think positive. Either if you have a tought period or not, this year you will start to get really fulfilled , making  becoming your dreams and goals real. Don’t forget We are what we think and we will have what we really wish to have, so choose carefully your thoughts and wishes.

Last year, I mean 2016 have been a full year with bad and good things. I learned a lot from it and I get to know better myself. The year of  deleting forever many doors of my past live ,closing that few toxins contact and getting to have positive, people with great vibes into my life. the year that I understood what I really want to have and to do, is the year that I get to know my real soulmate what is my actual and only love Dario. Together we  achieved  many of our goals.

2016 was the year of changes for a much better start in 2017.

My favorites things that I did in 2017 are many.

 One of them is that I get to know the love of my life, that we are a real team a part the fact that we are a couple, that we are growing up together and everyday  makes as to be more close to each other. We went together to the amazing Crete one of the Islands of Greece and it was the  first time for each other  going to the amazing country of Greece. I am really happy that there isn’t any more a me because now it’s Us. I love that we are travelling most of the time together, even for work and that we introduce each other to the other components of the family and also  to the colleagues of work. We shifted together and makes me feel really happy about this. We are all the time in any situation bad or good next to each other. In this way I started  to learn many new things what brought me to be more responsible, loving and taking care more about myself, to be even more organized than before and all this was growing me up a lot.

While I am writing now I am listening the song of Sabrina Claudio-Orion’s Belt what gives me good vibes and in the right mood, what I wish you to listen as well to have this feeling.

 Second thing Is that, I went for the first time in Milan to some of the most important Fashion weeks as invited, In February and June. I got to know other cities of the lovely Italy, that are the Lake of Garda,  Iseo Lake, Pisa , Arezzo, Cecina, Naples, Avellino, Procida Island, Perugia, Florence. I also defeated my biggest fear that is to jump in the deep sea and dive into it.

Third thing is that I discovered new cuisine flavors, eating many different types of foods from some cities of Italy and other International cuisine. I went to few Michelin restaurants for the first time in Italy and I am happy that I learned something new. I start cooking at home many new dishes , healthy and delicious at the same time few from the Spanish, ,French, Japanese , Arab  and Chinese cuisine.

2016 is also the year when I get to know other celebrities as for example Philipp Plein  and others, few of the best recording Studios of Romania etc.

I will not forget when my fiancé/boyfriend made a big surprise to me bringing me to the concert of Beyonce next to the stage, when we was laughing and running under the rain or the big walks what we was doing at the begin because we wasn’t having anymore the car , that time when he brought me to see live the football match of Avellino in Perugia.

This is what it meant to me 2016 instead in 2017 will be the year of the Big Goals/Resolutions to Achieve. Be tuned.

Here are few special Pictures from my  #2016.

‘The best way to predict the future is to create. No pain No Gain’ #Larasquotes

@Chris Brown at Philipp Plein Fashion Week Week in Milan on February

@ Family  Time Celebrating Easter

@Philipp Plein Fashion Week  Show  (June)

@Umberto Boccioni

@Louboutin Fashion Week Event  (June)

@Billionaire Fashion Week Show (June)

@Appetizer while Fashion Week  With our Friend

@Philipp Plein and me – Billionaire Fashion Week Show (June)

@Samsung Event – Milan

@Beyoncé Concert In Milan (July)

@At the Beyoncé Concert (July)

@Pisa (August )

@Visiting Knossos/Heraklion (August)

@Ready to Jump and Dive into the Sea of Crete (August)

@Balos Beach – Crete (August)

@My Birthday Dinner – Como Lake (September)

@Football Match Perugia-Avellino

@Christmas’Eve at Home-Florence

@Last Day of Christmas – Mum

@Last Day Of Christmas / Florence

With Love, Lara.




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