Finding Happiness in The Life

It’s almost one o’clock AM, I cannot sleep because my pain came back and I felt in fault that I left all of you without anything new to read again for 2 days. This wasn’t my intention, seeing that I can’t sleep right now I will try to write down this article and I post it at 7 Am. I decided to tell you the reason why I started to do Blogging and Vlogging.


Everyone has a diffrent life story and I decide to share with few pages of mine. I lost many people in my life who left to an another world, I met people with beautiful mind and soul but I met also horrible people what I would have prefered to never meet them and that a world without them could be better. Despite this I never wanted bad to anyone .

I always wanted to help who really needs and to be there for any kind of situation. I’ve been modeling for 7 years. One year and half ago I decided to accept a modelling contract and to go to a new country one of my favorites India.

I’ve been living there for 2 years. I can’t describe all my experience, but I can say that there you can find an intire world in one place. India is a Beautiful Magical Country. There are pro and Co ,as for exemple most of the indian or who is going in that country, they don’t know how to really enjoy a party without drinking. Unfortunately there is a lot of dirty and other 2 thinks that I don’t like is the traffic and people in late. It’s an amazing country and I miss to see all my dear people what I met there.

I still remember all the experience work I have done there. My newspaper pictures, Vogue Magazine, Vanityfair ,Baners etc. I achieve experience also in business  etc. Now I stopped doing modelling full time, because I prefer to do it occasually. That world wasn’t making me really happy all the time, it was most of it superficial.

So I preferred to stay away and to be who really I am. This doesn’t mean that all the people from that circle are bad, obviously no. I connected with a lots of wonderful people and most of them I am still in touch. Few have become my really good friends.

I learned a lot of things living there for so long. One of the thinks I learned, is that time is precious and we don’t have to take it for garant.

Let’s appreciate more the people who really care about us, who are there for us either bad times or good. Let’s see the reality and understand that we aren’t the only one in this world, there are others 7,47 bilion people. We should do less war and more love,less negativity and more optimism .

I fell many times but after I rised anytime more stronger than before. You should do the same! Fight for what you really want. Even if you have times when you’ll break in 1000 pieces. The people will insult you, hurt you and tell you that you can’t do what wish to. That you are ugly and you don’t have talent. Don’t listen to that words. You can!

Show firstable to yourself. You are more than what you think, you are unique and you can achieve your goal. Find what really makes you happy, find your Happiness and keep it.

Till now it’s passed almost one year from when I am in a Relashionship with my partner and I am really Happy with him. Part of this time, have been hard for me . Because in my past years I passed trough a lot of things  what brings me to trust less people. I was loosing the hope in mysef, plus I couldn’t found a continued work.

Despite this we stayed next to each other . He cheered me up. Every single day together, we learned to see the colors of the life and to know how to taste the sounds of the time. He never give up on us , despite the ups and down. That’s why I love him so much .

This is one of the reason what pushed me to start to do Blogging and Vlogging. I always liked to write but I never had the courage to do it. My partner helped me in this and to believe more in myself, reminding me each day. I will be always thankfull for this.

Doing Blogging helps me to distract myself if I am feeling sad , or if there are some problems . Unfortunately now I am not that well to be able to resist to much in front of the pc but I will resolve also this . I am a strong person and will fulfill all my dreams.

Good Night



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