Goals Achieved in 2017

Hello to everyone.

I’m sorry that I’m writing this article in late, but better now than never. 2017 was a year full of ups and downs but full of beautiful goals that I achievied and happy moments.

1.In January I started officially this job by my own, from a dark moment of mine I decided to get up and to do something that will change my future, will motivate me and others. This is how I started the idea of Bonbontruth, building my website, my Instagram Business account, Youtube channel and fb. From this month I begin to study the digital social media marketing seo taking courses and reading books after books. So here I am now 🙂 .

2.My second goal, it was to collaborate with a big brand from the begin and interact with some bigger digital social media marketing. So I received an special invite in Milan at tea rose to participate at the launch event of the Gisou product. Brand owned by Negin Mirsalehi, what is actually also one of my favourite in this industry of digital social media marketing influencer. I get to know her better and I had a nice talk.

3. I get to know Carlo Bay what now is one of my favourite Hairdresser and I had the chance to do some collaboration with him.

4. I bringed My fiance to Paris. So magical, also because it was for both of us the first time that we was going there. Unfortunatelly the weather was terrible, raining, cold air and strong wind. For the rest we loved it.

5. Unfortunately happened also one thing bad. Even if I didn’t wanted to mention or I’m not showing it, I actually got ill, so have been a year full of cures and treatments. Now I’m getting much better, even if the pain is there fortunately the strong attacks of pains are coming less. So I’m happy for this.

6. Me and my fiance started to travel more.                                                                     We travelled in other 5 countries a part Italy. In Italy we’ve been fully active travelling in many cities.                                                                                                In Italy we visited Puglia,Avellino, Therme, 5 terre, Salerno, Amalfi, Milan, Bologna, Siena, Montepulciano, Venice, Turin, Savona and the small towns, Bolzano, Reinswald + Dolomiti.                                                                                                                         The other countries we went are: France(Paris), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Hungary (Budapest), Serbia (Belgrade), Romania (Bucharest, Costanta-Mamaia, Danubio-Tulcea, Bacau, Brasov & Poiana Brasov + around). I’m ambitious women, so if I’ll put something in my mind I will work hard till I will achieve it. That’s how I did also on this.


7.We had more fun, laughting more and having some activities together, as for exemple:                                                                                                                                   -Yoga  -Horse riding  -Played with snow -Picnick  -Riding a bicycle -Went for the first time at the football match -We went to an Ice bar etc.

8. Eating for the first Time Typical African Food in Milan. Was amazing, so much food, healthy and tasty.

9. We shifted to Florence

10. Bought a House in Florence, and I have to say that was pretty difficult to find the house of our taste. Most of the houses here are tinny or they don’t have lifts, so after we saw all the houses from Florence we finally found the right one.

11. Went with my fiance for the first time in MotoBike.

12. I understood who are my real ones and who wants to be my friend for other reasons.

13. We got to know more old friends and parents from each other side.

14. I showed him east Europe . Plus I presented to my loved one my grandma, aunty and uncle.

Castelul zanelor

Castel Bran (Castel of Dracula)



Castel Peles

15. Finally I got my First DSLR Camera and took a new Laptop. Some investments that I’ve done for this Job.

16. We ate many different type of food.

17. Together with Mum and Pa we had Christmas in the mountain at the Panoramic Lodge.



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  • Rshega February 16, 2018 at 12:26 AM

    Wow, your work is incredible.


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