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How to grow longer and healthier you hair

The cold season is here, and a great way to relax is to drink something delicious, reading something and standing in front of a fireplace with your loved one. Don’t you think we’re forgetting something important? Yes, you’re right. We don’t have to forget to take care of our body especially in the cold season. What about our hair ?…

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unboxing november 2017

Unboxing November 2017

Today the video is an unboxing, my first one with all the things that I’ve received in the month of November. If you want a review of anything, please let me know on  the comments below. Check my full Youtube Channel & hit that bell to be notify when I post a New Video . 🙂

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Tearose Experience

I’ve been invited from Tearose to participate at the fashionable event on wednesday 22 February at the amazing location Tearose in via Croce Rossa 2. The location attended Negin Mirsalehi with the launch of her Hair line products, especially the Gisou Honey infused oil. The location of Tearose is located in the fashion area of Milan, is an elegant boutique.…

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Best Hair Looks Fall 2017/2018 Runways

This Year and the begin of 2018 will absolutely go on top Natural Looks. Natural Looks includes Waves, Curles, Straighten or Wild . Then at the 2 place we will find a way to Rock our Look and aswell we will go backe to 60’s/40’s , Brides in any style and Bangles. This year the fall Fashion Weeks give us…

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Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2017 /Tommyland

This year Tommy Hilfiger decided to get out of the lines and to not participate at the New York Fashion Week 2017. Instead he made his own Fashion Show in L.A calling it Tommyland. So let’s get in the world of Tommyland what it was an amusement park and trying to make specific scenes from Venice. Let’s don’t forget about…

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Favorites 2016

2017 is the year to achieve your goals?  Yes! And you know why? Because at the end of an year you are learning from your mistakes and you will want to not repeat them anymore. You will want to become the best of your own self, a great person what is starting to think positive. Either if you have a…

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