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Goals Achieved in 2017

Hello to everyone. I’m sorry that I’m writing this article in late, but better now than never. 2017 was a year full of ups and downs but full of beautiful goals that I achievied and happy moments. 1.In January I started officially this job by my own, from a dark moment of mine I decided to get up and to…

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Working from Home

Welcome back, today I had a new inspiration and is all about Working From Home. Most of the people in the last years found hardly a job. This is for the fault of the economy and other political things. What will happen? well most of us will stay home , and will try to find an occupation or to send…

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Think positive

Hello Beautiful Souls. Today I decided to open a new ┬áTopic what is all about Thinking Positive. Yes I Know you will certainly say that you already heard talking about a lots of times . The difference is that this one is made by me and my own vision. Most of us think that if we are doing the exactly…

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