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Unique Riad In Marrakech 2018

Marrakech Is a city full of life , caos and spices. You will not get bored once you will be there. If you will reach there for the first time, most of the people they will tell you to stay in Old Medina and as they said I stayed for 2 nights. I don’t suggest you to stay in Old…

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Goals Achieved in 2017

Hello to everyone. I’m sorry that I’m writing this article in late, but better now than never. 2017 was a year full of ups and downs but full of beautiful goals that I achievied and happy moments. 1.In January I started officially this job by my own, from a dark moment of mine I decided to get up and to…

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Exploring Gallipoli-Puglia

We woke the second day of the begin of January 2017 th  and seemed to be a great start of the year so we decided to go for 2 days in Puglia-Gallipoli. We left from Naples where we celebrated Happy New Year and started our driving adventure to Gallipoli, four hours of driving but at the same time talking about…

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