Tearose Experience

I’ve been invited from Tearose to participate at the fashionable event on wednesday 22 February at the amazing location Tearose in via Croce Rossa 2.

The location attended Negin Mirsalehi with the launch of her Hair line products, especially the Gisou Honey infused oil.

The location of Tearose is located in the fashion area of Milan, is an elegant boutique. The fragances of flowers, lights and couture make to be an excellent mix , that’s why many Designers are coming here plus other people from medium to high society. This boutique is situated on 3 floors plus the outside few tables. As you get inside you can find parfumes, cremes ,hair products all made of high quality and few of them are containing natural ingredients. Downstairs you’ll find where all the packages are getting ready once you buy the product plus getting ready the bouchet flowers ┬áplus a small waiting room. Going at the first floor you can find a different choice of bags, scents, flowers, magazines and some healthy drinks & snacks. There is aswell a small area with luxury branded clothes. This location attends many luxury & wedding events.

In few words is a creative place what is having amazing Flowers, Books, Home Decor

This wonderful idea to make healthy products called Daily / Tearose Daily was from ┬áCarola Rovati. Her mum Alessandra Rovati is the founder of Tearose & Art Director. Carola was studying marketing and entrepeneurship in London but was unsatisfied so she tought to travel and rediscover herself. She found out to be more interested about local cuisine, flavours and ancient remedies aso she turned to be vegetarian plus became a specialised in raw vegan. Daily is about Mixing together alchemy and love. The products are handmade with no rafinate ingredients, that’s why can reconnect you with mother nature.

Let’s don’t forget that there is a shop in Monza from where all this organic products started. Tearose will gonna have a new opening in front of Duomo Monza.

@Tearose the fans waiting to get inside the event@Me & Carola Rovati

@Matteo Gaiani

@Tearose Green Detox & Gisou Infused Honey Oil (Hair Product)

@Negin Mirsalehi

@Silvia Grilli @Negin Mirsalehi @Alessandra Rovati Vitali

@Matteo Gaiani

…when you don’t know that someone take a picture of you. @Lara Serghiev me



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