The Best of Pitti Uomo 94 | Men Fashion Week 2018 |

Like every year Florence is the city where is happening the meeting of fashion of any Men from all over the world. A  International  Premier dedicated to menswear & contemporary Lifestyle, a huge connexion between different cultures . From simple styles to Gentleman old styles. Exclusives Events , catwalks , celebrities , Digital Social Media Marketing, Tv, Influencers & Brands that took place over Florence.

The roads Of Florence and inside Pitti seems to be taken back as a transport machine of time in different centuries , especially the Chicago men style of 20’s. Looked like everyone came out from a Movie . Unique outfit styles & personalities. The only bad think is that you will have a lot to walk , instead you will stay impressed and you will have great memories from does 3 days , Experience & why not maybe some New Contact Work & New approaches that can become your New Friends.

This was my first Pitti experience & I have to say that was memorable . Chaotic but beautiful , I walked a lot and my feet hurt badly, a part this I had 2 meetings , I approached with new people in this industry of fashion , creating also some new friends. I felt good  laughing & creating beautiful memories , by being able to be myself feeling part of a retro Movie & expressing my mix combination of style .

Now I will show you the video that I made and as well some unique People with great taste in style & also some pictures token of me.

Me Lara Serghiev @bonbontruth and  @niccocesari a

Men with good taste in style & remarkable

@andreaventurafirenze here is the owner of this brand

of a shoes line for men with simplicity & elegance

what are made with a great choice of material

included the finest Tuscan Leather.

Me picture token by the paparazzi



Here is a lovely Couple what they love to match @pat_cwa

When is about class and to stand out here is another choice of mine


I appreciate the people who stand out from the crowd

and finds them signature . So here it is @thesuitedracer

Another standout outfit is here really creative @tmichael_bergen

@franz_1955 Is a man of Respect what knows to bring his signature & to not define a age.



@Max.the.noble is a particular person & author of the book

First Impressions:The 42 Laws of First Impressions to Create Lasting Impact in Business and Life


Me @bonbontruth & @niccocesari

@andyclover @bonbontruth @franz_1955 @niccocesari







-Asos Long Dress with sleeves and cut-out on back

-Instead here below I linked you The Blue Sandals that I was

wearing plus from the same brand other Summery Sandals



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