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Hello Beautiful Souls.

Today I decided to open a new  Topic what is all about Thinking Positive. Yes I Know you will certainly say that you already heard talking about a lots of times . The difference is that this one is made by me and my own vision. Most of us think that if we are doing the exactly same thing what others are doing ,rather is good or bad will made us in front of others to be more liked . No! I went in India to experiment a new lifestyle , I lived there for 2 years. I understood that actually what makes a person happy and is not all about money . Why I say this ? Is because I saw Billionaire and Poor people. The results was that most of the Billionaire people they was getting bored  easily and they don’t appreciate what they have . The Poor people was  happy even for a small thing. What actually we have to do is to learn to see the colors of the Life and to appreciate small things . One day we will look back and understand that does little things , gesture , sentiments are big things. It’s wrong to think that we can be happy only with Drugs or Alcohol. The happiness is inside us , the answer is to learn how to use it in the right way and with who to share, because is precious . We have to think more Positive and less Negative. The way we decide to paint our Life , is the way how it will be . Because we are the Artists, the Creators of our own Future. All the facts of our Body starts from our Brain. We have a big power and we don’t wanna see it. What we think it will revert in facts. We can Do anything , we just need to think positive and to do it.

Make Your Dreams  Become True , Get Up and Reach Your Goal!

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  • Chris September 13, 2017 at 5:11 AM

    Foarte frumos !!! Majoritatea oamenilor cred ca fericirea consta in bani , pe urma fiind drogurile si alcoolul , si de aceea isi petrec toata viata alergand dupa ei , uitand sa traiasca cu adevarat !!! Ceea ce am fost si eu !!! Un om mi-a zis odata calatoriile iti deschid mintea !!! Dar nu numai , am calatorit de exemplu prima data in Thailanda , intr-o zona numai turistica nu mi-a placut foarte mult, acum iubesc tara.Parerea mea cand vizitezi o tara , trebui sa o cunosti cu adevarat si oamenii sai . Fericirea in viata e sa calatoresti , sa daruiesti mai mult apropiatiilor si da sa gandesti positiv. Ceea ce nu am crezut niciodata inainte sa o cunosc pe prietena mea , care in ciuda multor probleme care le avea , nu puteam sa cred ce positivism avea , si incredere ceea ce eu chiar daca aveam o viata mai lejera eram tot timpul negativ si pesimist . Carpe diem !!! Live the moment and make every day the best day in your life !!!


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